Enhancing voice recording's volume

I can still barely hear the other party.

Levelspeech job is to boost low voices and suppress loud ones. If it failed, then the voices are too far apart—the other party is too quiet.

You’re not really recording the other party. You’re recording the iPhone built-in microphone, full stop. If there is any far-side sound at all, it’s the iPhone earpiece sound leaking through the iPhone body down to the microphone.

In other words, you’re recording the design mistakes.

That sound is intentionally quiet because that’s the sound that the other party is going to hear in addition to your voice. Hearing their own voice coming back to them as an echo is amazingly annoying.

That’s not to say you can’t record both sides. You can, but it’s a little more work.

This is an Olympus TP-7 microphone.

It fits in your ear and you hold the phone on top of it. This is my TP-7 plugged into a Windows machine, but you can plug it into a tiny memo recorder and have the whole thing portable for field recording.

I don’t have samples of a fully portable recording or pictures of the memo recorder. Soon.

This is my TP-7 plugged into my Mac and recorded in Audacity.