Enhancing game sound (Bfxr) in Audacity

Dear Audacity community,

I have recently been getting into the grit of Audacity. I’m developing a game, and need to make somewhat realistic sounds for it. I have a good sound that I made in Bfxr, which is used to make game sound effects. However, all of the sounds produced have this old, retro, 8-bit feel to them. I would like to find out a way to get rid of this sound, and make it sound more realistic instead of the computer generated feel. The WAV has been attached. The sound that I’m talking about is prominent in the beginning. Thank you!

The WAV:

Sincerely, KetoAudacity

That’s like saying “here’s a LEGO bust* : make it look just like a real human”. That’s not possible.
PaulStretch can be used to add some irregularity …
Using Paul-Stretch to make it less like LEGO.png
Freesound has plenty realistic guns … https://www.freesound.org/search/?q=gun+bang

[ * whichever type :slight_smile: ]

Thank you, this makes it MUCH better!