Enhance the sound of a clip

I have a sound clip with me. Using audacity I was able to make it noise free. But every time i try to compress or normalise my sound clip, while listening to preview a very enhanced sound is played but when I apply it, the amplitude decreases.
When am amplifying it, the sound apprears to be coming through a hollow pipe or something like that. How to rectify it?

Please help. Urgent solution required.

noise reduction can carve notches into the spectrogram which makes the sound like it’s coming through a pipe.
To minimize the pipe-effect, go back to the original raw recording and use less noise-reduction, (the bare minimum).

No. I noticed this. Only applying noise reduction is not doing this.
The time I amplify it the sound hears awkward. Without increasing the amplitude it is okay.

Some faults can go unnoticed, only becoming apparent when the sound is made louder.
The pipe-effect is caused by removing some narrow-bands of frequencies (notches) …

Audacity’s Amplify alone cannot produce the pipe-effect : as it effects all frequencies equally, not just some of them.

Urgent solution required.

What’s the goal? We can provide broad, generic guidelines, but we’re much better if we know what you’re trying to do. Are you trying to read for audiobooks?

I was able to make it noise free.

Did it have a lot of noise when you recorded it? That’s a common problem with home recording. Most people don’t realize how noisy their environment is.

You can also have Windows trying to help you. Windows can try to apply environment suppression and noise cancellation by itself and that can make your recording sound like talking into a wine glass.


There was a peculiar sound, something like of a cricket.
The problem was I didn’t have a blank recording to get noise sample and thus I picked it from the blank portions within the audio clip and had to run noise reduction more than once to cancel the sound out.
Initially I was bass booting my audio making the feminine voice sound manly. Later I rectified it.
But running noise reduction led to decrease in volume of the main audio. Applying compression or normalisation is further diminishing the main noise. This I tried applying amplification. On amplifying there is no noise as it was completely cleared. But the main voice is sounding like coming out of a pipe.

On amplifying there is no noise as it was completely cleared. But the main voice is sounding like coming out of a pipe.

Completely clearing the noise is what makes it sound like it’s recording in a pipe.

If you didn’t leave any “blank” areas inside the performance then Noise Reduction is very difficult. You should make a new sound track with tiny pieces of background sound you got from the performance and use that for the profile. If that’s not possible, find one good sample and duplicate that one sample multiple times to give Noise Reduction something long enough to chew on. If that’s not possible, you may not be able to use Noise Reduction.

A common complaint is talking into a wine glass sound when a person takes out too much noise. The goal of Noise Reduction is to reduce noise, not completely clear it. In a voice reading, try gentle 6, 6, 6, or 9, 6, 6. If you need to get as high as 12, 6, 6, you may start to get sound quality damage.

High noise home recordings are very common.