Engaging the envelope tool on a large project causes Audacity to hang

Hi Jademan,

UPDATE - Another issue…

Every time I engage the envelope tool and click on the audio to add an envelope point, the curser turns into the loading icon.

So the steps I take are:

  1. open this project (will send you a link)
  2. click envelop tool
  3. On track one (at the start of the wave between 3:03.0 and 3:04.0) place an envelope point

I am wanting to smooth the start of this sentence.

***Again, this has happened before but I was putting up with it in order to just crack on with my work **

Do you have any suggestions for a workaround for this for now?

Google Drive says, “You Need Access”.

As you can see, whenever you have a new issue, it is always best to start a new thread. You can always post a link if you believe the issues may be related.

Have updated access to the google drive link

I thought all these issues might be linked but I can separate into topics to make it easier

So I am able to reproduce this issue on this 2GB project, and I didn’t notice any other envelope points. It does take a while, but eventually the envelope point gets put in. I’ll take a closer look tomorrow. Later…

Okay thanks. Yes, it’s not predictable when it happens unfortunately

It does usually take many edits before the envelopes start appearing when I start a new project from scratch with raw audio…

On this latter project that you sent me, Audacity is not very responsive for almost anything.

This 4GB project only has about 35 minutes of audio which is an order of magnitude larger that it needs to be. Not only trying to create an envelope point, but doing virtually anything on this project is excruciatingly slow, even selecting a track - which by the way, you can use to rescue this project.

You can rescue this project by taking the following steps:

  1. Click Select on lower track
  2. Wait until Audacity is responsive
  3. Tracks > Mix And Render
  4. Wait until Audacity is responsive
  5. File > Close; Save project? Yes
  6. Wait for close to complete
  7. Notice project now only occupies 800MB
  8. Reopen project
  9. Click Select on upper track
  10. Wait until Audacity is responsive
  11. Tracks > Mix and Render
  12. Wait until Audacity is responsive
  13. File > Close; Save project? Yes
    14)Wait for close to complete
  14. Notice project now occupies 400MB
  15. Exit

Don’t be in a rush to do this. Be sure to give Audacity all of time it needs to complete each step. Expect it to take a while. You might want to read a good book while you are waiting. :wink:

You will find that with the 400MB project, Audacity will be back to its former responsive self. :smiley:

Thanks Jademan

I think it’s working, thank you!

Are you able to tell me where my other posts are on here?
I am not very familiar with this site and how to navigate it

Click on “Quick Links” (top left), then “Your Posts”.
Note that very recent posts will not be listed - it takes a while for the search database to be updated.

Got it! Thank you steve

Good! :smiley:

I had to dig through my old tools to be sure what was happening here. Your project actually has the “Envelope Control Point Bug”, which we saw last year and we thought had been fixed in 3.0.5.

The bug has now been documented and turned over to the developers here: https://github.com/audacity/audacity/issues/4070

Until this issue can be fixed, let me suggest doing a Mix and Render on each track. And if you have a project that you are copying in audio from, do a Mix and Render on the track on that old project before the copy.