Emulating Voicemeeter's sound in audacity

So I was using voicemeeter for recording but found that every once and a while I would have bad crackling and, to avoid risking this happening and ruining recordings, I stopped using it. Now the problem is I have some clips that sound like voicemeeter and some that are using my standard audacity macros and I can not seem to even come close to voicemeeter’s sound. It just sounds so much richer and with more bass (turning up bass on audacity doesn’t have the same effect).

This is the macro I currently use (mostly at defaults):
Noise Reduction
Filter Curve (bass boost)
Filter Curve (treble boost)

In voicemeeter I used equalization at the default setting with the fx echo/brightness at the top middle of the bottom left box. I can upload audio clips of both if it will help.

Any suggestions on effects I can try in audacity?

every once and a while I would have bad crackling

My first pass would be to fix Voicemeeter. Any idea why that’s happening? Is your computer trying to do too many things at once?

Are you using Cloud or other on-line storage? That can cause some serious sharing and timing problems with Audacity.

Trying to match somebody else’s sound quality or equalization settings isn’t impossible, but it’s close. Step one. Listen on very good quality headphones or speakers. If you don’t do that, you will be building custom speaker distortions into the show. I did track mixing on poor quality headphones for several weeks before I figured out what was wrong.

What is the show? What kind of production are you doing that needed Voicemeeter?


There are minimal programs running and I am not using cloud. It only happens occasionally so it is very hard to nail down and this makes it just take too much time of holding off recording trying to make sure it doesn’t happen so I’m just opting to not use it. I was only using it because it simply sounds better, even before editing, than my normal audacity exports. So even if I can’t closely match it and need to scrap audio, it would be nice to be able to even somewhat emulate the sound because it simply sounds better. The problem is I am not well versed enough in audacity to even approach the process.