Empty Exports


I’m new to this forum, but not quite new to Audacity.

I teach audio production and one of my students is experiencing something that’s a bit unusual to me:

He’s edited a 15 minute audio project and we can hear it when it’s played back, however, when he tries to export either as mp3 or wav, the files are empty.

I can’t figure out any reasoning for this. Also, I don’t know exactly which version of Mac OS X he’s using. I’ll check on that. He is using Audacity 2.0.2.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can offer. This is his final project and he’s losing his mind because it was due today.

They’re empty as in zero bytes? Or empty as in they play the right number of minutes but they’re silent?

Open Audacity fresh and Generate > Noise > OK. Export that. Does that work? Do you get a sound file that opens in QuickTime Player and shshshsh at you?


Thanks for the reply.

Empty as in zero bytes.

At this point, I believe he’s redo-ing the project. But I’ll also have him try out your suggestion.

Thanks again.

Some FFMpeg export options can create zero byte files.
If he exports in "WAV format that should use Audacity’s native exporter and not FFMpeg.

Thanks. He tried exporting as both mp3 and wav and both had 0 bytes.

Please check that he is using the current version of Audacity (2.0.2). The version number is shown in “Help > About Audacity”.

Thanks again. Yes, he’s definitely using 2.0.2.

Is he using Export Multiple? If so, make sure the audio track is not muted.