Emphasize voice

Hi boys.I register the university lessons with mini-recorder and then i store lessons in the computer. there a way for emphasize the voice in a registration? Thanks

P.S. Forgive my English but I can not speak well

Equalization can improve intelligibility: e.g. removing those frequencies below 100Hz and above 6000Hz, (a before-after example attached).

The “registration” (The recording) then sounds a bit like a telephone but can be more easily understood.

after you record the lesson with your mini-recorder
and you drag and drop the file to the pc
with audacity you could
normalise or amplify to emphasise the voice (make it louder)
you could compress to emphasise it (still more louder)
you could use eq to further emphasise the voice frequencies and cut out other sounds

<<<normalise or amplify to emphasise the voice (make it louder)>>>

Both Normalize and Amplify change everything. They won’t make the voices louder than the background noise.

<<<you could compress to emphasise it (still more louder) >>>

Dynamic Compression will reduce the volume of the voices and increase the background noise so they blend in with each other much better.


That would be helpful, although it might increase intellegibility at the expense of theatrical quality. See if the telephone effect is helpful. Drop everything below 300 and above 3000.


depends what he means by emphasise

mike in back of room could sound low and unnatural when he records the lecture. raise the volume will help but not undo the lack of “presence”

Usually i used effect of normalizing, and the quality of the sound is improved…now i tired with equalizer

Normalizing just acts like a volume control: it makes all of the recording louder or quieter.

If you use “Amplify” (top of the “Effects” menu) and it will make the recording as loud as possible.

The equalizer makes certain frequencies (pitches) louder or quieter.

Quieting (or totally removing) the frequencies above 5000-6000Hz removes hiss and can make recorded speech easier to understand.

i update you :slight_smile:, i tired to normalized and then equlize(eliminating frequencies above 5000mhz) and the recording is very improved. But there are still noises

Try doing the same for frequencies below 200Hz, then use “Amplify”.

Note: Audacity and similar software can’t tell the difference between the voice of the lecturer and the voices of the audience.
It cannot selectively remove the people talking in the audience, or reverberation of the lecturer’s voice as it echos off the walls of the lecture hall.


You didn’t say, “but now I can understand the lecture.” Are you trying to capture the lecture as a performance piece instead of just listening to what’s being said? To get a performance piece, you need to have the microphone at the performer or lecturer. There is no way to take echoes or reverberation or interference sound out of a show.


no,I want to make it more understandable, however at present it is understandable