Embedding Audacity into a wiki

I recently watched a video where an educator said that she used audacity on her wiki to track her student’s oral progress. How would I do that? thx

She was almost certainly using Audacity to record the students and then posting the results as links on her wiki.

We do that on our company wiki training system.


Thanks. That was pretty much the consensus when I polled the tech wizards in the office. Could the files not be loaded as wav files instead of using a link? K

I should use all the English words.

She recorded her students and posted the WAV (or MP3, or whatever) on a location on her server or other data system. Then she prepared a wiki entry to point to that location or server.

I think there’s a way to embed sound inside a wiki, but since advanced wiki entries are seriously painful to generate, I really doubt that she did that. It’s almost laughably simple to push a sound file to a server and change one line of wiki code. Even I can do it.