Emails Not Sent

rather involved in the process of decommissioning an old email address, which means changing them everywhere, manually. In doing so through website accounts management, an verification email is automated to the user, great if you get it.

If you don’t, one option is to submit the request again, sometimes the account CP provides a resend button, and hey presto, the email comes through. Else one can wait, experience here is some emails have come in up to 6 hours later. An other option back in the day was to post at the email address change thread, great if you were logged in to do it, but now that this site has upgraded AUTH, it’s all done through the account CP.
As none of those applied, ended up by contacting a Board Administrator, and they very kindly activated the username, explaining there were ongoing issues with various providers.

In my case, the email is associated with Hosted Exchange service for a website, which means the management of spam is by the host. This is a basic plan, I guess for pricier ones you might wish to peruse the host’s spam control activities, and therein, find a record of a nixed Audacity activation email.
It’s rather surprising, that, for the many years Audacity has been on the web, the spambots don’t have in their heuristics the age, activity, and other relevant characteristics of a domain. Or are they getting close?

For this forum, you could always have asked me to change it for you (as others have done). We’re happy to help.

That’s surprising. Is that a recent issue? I’ve not tested in a while, but last time I did the emails were reliably coming through within a few minutes.

Where you say “spambots”, do you mean email service provider’s “anti-spam” software? If so, providers such as “hotmail” have been aware of the problem for very many years, and appear to have done nothing at all to fix it. I guess that they thing it’s the end user’s job to whitelist the address of forums that they use.

Hi Steve, yep, decommissioning everywhere, so 100s of sites all with different issues, and yes, I thanked the person here who helped me over email correspondence.
Should have explained “some emails have come in up to 6 hours later” refers to any of those 100s of sites - certainly not your problem here.

Heh, regarding the whitelists, these days it’s more of a policy issue in ISPs versus the clients, as I found out with my own client.
History tells us that due to the increase in number and AI of spam, it got through even the best client spam filters of the day, so the decision was made the ISPs would take over all spam detection of email and apply their own filters to all incoming email packets. It used to be with a few providers, the spambot would just mark the email as spam, send it on, then you would get it in your spam folder. This was the case where you could apply the whitelist rules, nowadays the providers just bin the spam, so you never know what was deleted. :frowning:

“Some” email service providers do that, but thankfully not all.

Personally I find gmail to be one of the best “off the shelf” email providers. Their default spam filtering is pretty good (and may be customised), and delivers spam to a spam folder. Spam is automatically deleted from the spam folder after a few days so that the folder does not get too big. As far as I can tell, the only messages that gmail deletes without allowing you to see it at all is mail that fails technical checks, such as faked message headers.

It’s also possible to set up your own email service so that you have total control over email filtering, but there are some (small) costs involved, and it requires a fair bit of technical knowledge to get it right. Overall it’s probably not worth the effort for most people.