Eliminating vocals

Hey all!
I want to make a cover of “Never knock” by Kevin Garrett, but I cant find the instrumental online. Would someone be able to help me with this? The normal settings aren’t working well. PM me you can help me or assist with this and maybe I’ll Venmo you some cash for your assistance :slight_smile:

The standard Vocal Remover did better than I thought it was going to do. The only parts that are hopeless are the phrases where he goes into stereo harmony. That just kills standard Vocal Removal. It may kill all vocal removal techniques. The heavier remover packages try to locate the singer in space, so he can’t be coming from everywhere.

We’ll see if someone wants to try and rescue you.

The forum is snappy and responsive if you want to know something handy and simple. If not, you may get to wait a bit. It turns into a regular forum.


If you are giving or selling this to any one else, you may have to pay fees:
http://suebasko.blogspot.co.uk/2010/12/cover-songs-performing-and-recording_19.html .

We are just covering ourselves, you understand.


Thanks Koz! Would you be able to attach the whole song? I tried used the standard and I am struggling with the software a bit? Thank you!

Hey Koz!
That’s a lot better than I could get mine. The harmonies are fine if they are still in. Would you be able to link the whole song for me rather than just the 40 seconds?
Thanks so much for your help.

You don’t need me, you can do it yourself. I used Audacity 2.1.2, Effect > Vocal Removal with the default settings.
Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 14.09.28.png
It works best if you get the highest quality you can. iTunes has a song price of $1.29 (usd) which usually means you bought high quality rights (higher quality than the usual $.99 per song). I think that covers production but only for you. You still can’t share or certainly can’t sell anything.

Check with the rights manager of the place you’re getting the song from.

If you’re getting the song from multiple rips and degraded MP3, then that’s why Vocal Removal failed. It doesn’t do well with compression, much less well with multiple compressions.


I expect it to work really well if you rip the Audio CD you bought. That’s uncompressed WAV and unless the publisher did something magic to it, should work pretty well. The rights manager should be printed on the CD (Warner Records, etc).


Wow, thanks for all your help Koz!
After I purchase on iTunes should I use a converter to get it to audacity or is there a way to make the iTunes song into wav or aiff?

If you purchase the song as MP3, WAV or AIFF, Audacity can import it.

If you purchase the song as MP4/AAC, you need to add FFmpeg to your computer so Audacity can import it.