Eliminating Frying Mosquitos - hardware suggestion

That can be made to pass ACX technical.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 6.44.39.png
When you listen to that, set a comfortable volume for your reading and then go back to the beginning. Don’t change anything. Another New User mistake is crank the volume up as high as it will go to “dig for noise.” That may make you happy, but ACX doesn’t much care about anything that falls below their specs unless it’s really evil like that whine thing.

I ran it through AudioBook Mastering 4.


Followed by stiffer than normal Noise Reduction (9, 6, 6).


If you get rid of the fan sounds, most of the noise will vanish. You should drop to a more normal 6, 6, 6, or even leave Noise Reduction out. If you stop overloading the system, the distortion will vanish. Everything after that will be down to your reading (and room soundproofing).

There’s no Audacity filter for either one.