Eliminating Frying Mosquitos - hardware suggestion

You may not need to deal with the computer fans. I think the background system noise in the MXL-MICMATE PRO is going to be the first serious problem.

I’m following Audiobook Mastering 4 from here.


If I take the processing all the way to the end, the hiss noise (fffff) is way too loud. Even if you tried all the special announcing tricks and volume boosting exercises, your voice is still not going to be loud enough to overpower the hiss. In numbers, the background noise is around -45dB and it needs to be at least -60dB. Sound doubles every 6. So when I correct the voice the rest of the track sounds like you’re announcing in a heavy rainstorm.

It’s too loud for Noise Reduction. Corrections start making your voice sound honky.

This is ACX conformance without the noise reduction. It’s not that unusual for people to correct the reading volume and go home. No Noise Reduction needed.

The actual voice performance passes technical conformance. Background noise doesn’t.

I don’t hear any fans or hum. The first step in Suite 4 is the rumble filter, so that may be where most of the fan noise went. We both know how to get rid of the whine.

I can hear the room. You’re announcing in a kitchen. You don’t have to go nuts with acoustic corrections and expensive panels. I made a respectable studio with furniture moving pads and sticks (two layers of pad per wall, make as many walls as you need). Each of those sticks is the same. Put any stick anywhere.
Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 17.34.12.png
One poster did it with Home Depot plastic pipes and bedding. There’s no glue. It’s all pushed together.

What to do about the microphone system. Do you have a sound mixer? You can get a very respectable line level USB adapter. That’s a Behringer UCA-202. That’s my analog sound mixer on the right.

And a note the three wires going up to the microphone are very different from the “hi-fi” analog connections on the back of your machine. There is no good simple way to adapt between those two.

Which direction do you want to go?