Elevayta Extra Boy Pro plugin not producing sound on preview

I wanted to try a voice isolation program that would separate vocals without deleting them. On the Audacity help site i found an article listing a few third party plugins and decided to try the Elevayta Extra Boy Pro. I followed what little installation instructions that i could find (none for the Elevayta Extra Boy Pro), just the Vst enabler instructions. i have it installed in the plugin folder and it shows up on my effects list. But when i try to use it, there is no preview sound when i push the button. i am using version 1.2.6 on Windows XP Pro. SP3. Can someone give me any suggestions. This plugin is not on either the “plugins that work” list or the “plugins that do not work” list. Here is the link to the plugin, any help would be greatly appreciated.



Sometimes Preview is part of auxiliary tools that aren’t supported. If you select a small part of the show and actually apply the tool and then Edit > UNDO, does that work?


ISOLATING the common sounds is > much > more difficult. There is a commercial VST plug-in called “Extraboy” that claims to be able to do it.

I couldnt get the Extraboy VST to work in Audacity at all, however its manufacturers produce a free standalone player “Player Boy”, (only accepts WAVs).
http://www.elevayta.net/product16.htm >

“Player Boy” is Windows only.