Electric effect

How to make a sound effect that sounds like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-W3wRyF1Ac ?

You can record your voice making “zit” sounds (first clip) and then combine that with white noise in Effect > Vocoder (second cip).

The settings I used are the third illustration.

You can mess with the settings to get different effects.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 10.02.10 AM.png

Thank you for your response

I thought of something like generating a bzz sound somehow with one of tool in audacity and somehow creating that sharp and amazing sound.

You presented me a very good option that I will explore more this days, but is extremely difficult to use vocoder without a preview only debug

Why doesn’t audacity have preview to all tools ?

Is like modeling something without looking

Audacity tools were created by multiple different people and some support preview and some don’t. Remember this isn’t a corporation.

You can do it the way I do it. Apply the tool and Edit > UNDO (Command-Z on my machine).


The actual limitation here is that Nyquist Plug-ins don’t support preview (although you can “play” the effect’s audio on Windows by applying the effect and closing the plug-in if the plug-in author adds that feature).

No Nyquist plug-ins shipped with Audacity add that feature.


To be honest, I am the only one who makes use of the preview option within Nyquist effects.
But it isn’t a feature that is strictly useful for your desired effect (if it is written as a separate effect). Actually, I thought that this electric noise would be a nice additional ambient soundeffect in a multiple background FX plug-in.
However, after a few attempts I’ve literally killed my sound card and that’s why I am only able after a week to give you a reply. Please have some patience and I’ll try to provide an effect along this line (one that doesn’t crash your sound card, of course). The key components are fairly clear: a buzz sound and a wah-wah effect (and some reverb). Still there’s some more experimenting needed to begin with.

Here’s a sample sound of the Nyquist plug-in:

I’ve tried to be close to the original without the strong reverberation (can always be added afterwards).
Any suggestions?