Elapsed time

When exporting recorded material, Audacity is not including the elapsed time. Consequently I am unable to burn a CD from the recorded material.

If you are making audio CDs, export from Audacity as WAV not as MP3.
If you are making an MP3 CD (rather than a standard “audio CD”, set the MP3 options in the Export dialogue (click on the “Options” button) to suit your CD burning program, or use a better CD burning program.

I do export as a WAV file. I have Windows XP on my desk top and record with Window Media Player. I am using version 2.0.0 of Audacity. I just recorded 3 bands of a symphony this morning–two bands had the time included, the third did not. Can you help me?

It sounds like some weirdness in Windows Media Player.
Try using CDBurnerXP, it’s a much better CD burning program (and it’s free) http://cdburnerxp.se/en/home

This happens to me too. It does work at times, and then not. It takes the roll of the dice to find if it sends the elapsed time or not. All are blaming the WMP for the problem. Why would it work sometimes, and sometimes not. WMP works well for me with any other input source. Lets get to the real source of the problem. Where is the glitch? Thank you…

Does this problem occur in any other CD burning program?
I’ve never seen this problem in Roxio, Nero, CDBurnerXP, Bressero or Amarok.

What do you mean by “send the elapsed time”? If you right-click over the exported WAV > Properties, does Windows say how long the WAV file is?

Is the problem the one noted in the green box here http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/audio_cds.html#burn ? If so then it’s a WMP bug and you need to either play the file in WMP before burning it (so WMP can measure its length) or to drag the file first into the Media Player Library or into a playlist, and then from there into a burn list.