Hi everyone! I have a problem. I recorded a track on audacity and I added a bit of reverb. Then I saved the project, closed the program and now I’m trying to take the effect off. Can I do it after I’ve saved and closed the project and re-opened it? I hope I explained well. Thanks guys!

No. Many effects do not have an opposite effect that you can apply after closing the project that undoes what you did. Reverb is an effect where the opposite (deverb) is very hard to do.

Audacity could offer undo after closing the project, but it means the project _data folder would be much larger - also with current Audacity you could only undo the effect by undoing everything else that you did after it.

We can count a vote for you for undo after closing the project, if you want. Let us know.

For reverb it is often useful to duplicate the track before applying reverb. This not only lets you get back to the original (dry) track, but by manipulating the -…+ gain sliders on the dry and reverbed tracks you can control the amount of reverb very precisely.