Effects menu scrolling

I have a suggestion please. CAn you add a scrolling feature to the effects menu (and all the other pull downs please?). It’s annoying to fiddle with the little arrows to get further down the list of effects. Thanks.

Keyboard alphabet can be used to navigate effects list:
“Y” takes me to YouLean, which is at the bottom of my long effects list.
No scrolling required.

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The way that menus behave is platform dependent, and is handled by WxWidgets (the GUI toolkit used to create Audacity’s interface). The developers intend to switch from WxWidgets to Qt (another GUI toolkit). Issues relating to the GUI that are reported on Audacity’s GitHub account are usually closed without any action being taken because they will be irrelevant when Audacity switches to Qt.

Note that you can shorten the list via Preferences → Effects - the “group by…” options make the list much shorter and introduce submenus instead.

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