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Hi, in my Audacity 2.0.5 for win xp there isnt the option of “change tempo”. I downloaded all the plug-ins but still do not see that option.


Change Tempo isn’t a plug-in. It’s in the top half of the Effect Menu. Make sure your obtain Audacity from us at Audacity ® | Download for Windows .

If you are using Audacity in Spanish, Change Tempo is called “Cambiar ritmo”.

Please be careful with Windows XP. Microsoft are no longer officially supporting it, so it will be unpatched against any new security vulnerabilities that appear.

Make sure you have XP Service Pack 3. You can still download Service Pack 3 from Microsoft if necessary: Windows XP support has ended - Microsoft Support .

Ensure you have a good third-party anti-virus application. Be aware though that this will not give you complete protection against a previously unknown attack.

For some extra protection you can install http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/jj653751 .

If it is not practicable for you to update to the much more secure Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can consider installing a Linux operating system instead. Most versions are free and all are very secure.