Effect > Truncate Silence

I’m using the attached clip as the subject for my first adventure with Truncate Silence.

I understand nobody is likely to repair this clip to studio performance, but as near as I can tell, Truncate Silence does nothing. I would expect it to collapse tiny segments of very low volume to almost zero time, but it appears to have no action no matter what user values I choose.

The goal is to produce different trash.

Noise Gate works perfectly correctly, but that’s not the action I want. I don’t want to “clean up” the low volume snippets, I want them to vanish—or as close as possible.


“almost zero time” . How about 0.001s …
Truncate silence setting used.png

That’s it!
I just didn’t take the user values far enough.

The minimum “detection” duration is 0.001 seconds (1 ms).
The minimum “Truncate to:” (“action”) is 0.0 seconds (remove the detected silence entirely / collapse to zero).

I wondered if collapse to zero was an option.

I don’t recall the version, but it was added as an option quite a long time ago. It wasn’t an option in old versions.