Effect Sliding stretch...

Dear specialists! After applying the effect “Sliding stretch”…(I set all the values -12 %) you can see an unpleasant surprise, it selects not an entire track, but only the part from start to length, that was before applying. I have to add a new line in Macro to continue without distortion. Please, correct immediately!

Why does no one else report the problem? Dooa anyone but me use it? In addition I have a request to improve so, that all 4 values can be set to the same figure (all four = 12%, for instance) in one click. Now, I have to set each value separately, four times instead of one.

If you want all percentages to be the same, use “Change Speed” rather than “Sliding Stretch”. Change Speed will process much faster and with better quality.

To my mind, Sliding Stretch gives better quality, than Change speed. Can’t you make it work any faster?

It doesn’t.
As a demonstration:

  1. Generate a 1 second tone.
  2. Apply Sliding stretch with -12% settings
  3. Observe that the ends of the tone are slightly mangled/

Now try with “Change Pitch” and observe that the ends are perfect.

The selling point of Sliding Stretch is that it can “slide” pitch and tempo independently.

Sliding Stretch is an extremely complex effect based on “Sub-band Sinusoidal Modelling Synthesis”. There’s no getting away from the fact that the large amount of number crunching involved takes time. You can read about the algorithm here: http://sbsms.sourceforge.net/

On the other hand, “Change Speed” is much simpler, hence much faster.

I use my hearing. And it clearly can sense, that a track after applying Sliding stretch sounds much better. Change speed works fine only for small values, less than + - 4 %. If it’s needed to slow down by greater values (-12 %), it starts working not very good, sounds, like a “howling”, too deep bass voice. (((((((( I have nothing to do, but to try Sliding Stretch. Please, repair it, cure the lack I report.

Ah, the old issue of subjective appreciation and objective accuracy. Some people prefer the sound of vinyl to the sound of CD, though CDs are capable of much more accurate representation of the sound than vinyl.

Regardless of whether you like one sound better than the other, “Change Speed” is more accurate. But if you like what Sliding Stretch does to the sound, then by all means use Sliding Stretch.

SBSM is also available in “Change Pitch” and “Change Tempo” effects (select the “high quality” option).

Thank you! It’s just an interesting idea. Сan’t you add the option “high quality (slow)” to “Change speed” too?