Effect proposal for easier audio stitching


I’m regularly using audacity for processing classical concert recordings. One of the most time-consuming aspects of this task is replacing “bad” passages in the concerts with ones that went better during the rehearsals. This involves lots of experimenting, and each try requires at least two manual invocations of “crossfade in” and “crossfade out” to achieve proper stitching.
My idea to improve this process is to add a new effect with the following properties:

Input: a selection that spans two tracks (and in addition, if possible, two entire tracks)

  • locate all regions where clips on the two tracks overlap
  • for each such region, perform the appropriate crossfade in/out
    The “undo” for this effect should undo all of the crossfades that were performed.

First of all: does something similar already exist by any chance, and I just missed it?
If not, is it in principle possible to write such an effect for audacity?
I have some programming experience, so if I get positive feedback I can try to provide an implementation.

Comments are welcome!


I’ve done some experimental work with plug-ins to assist with crossfading, including this topic: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/cross-fade-classic/25664/1