Editing Wave Track

I’m snakebit … something new has happened and I’m stuck. When I attempt to edit the wave length (for instance, removing clicks or other sounds), I get a little hand that pops up pointing one way or the other and which prohibits me from highlighting the ‘click’ and then deleting it. How do I get rid of this pointer ?

Normally when I edit a wave track and want to delete small sounds (clicks, etc), I just backspace over the area and delete. But starting yesterday I’ve been unable to do that. Now when I click on a wave length, I get a ‘hand icon’ pointing either left or right. I finally figured out how to get rid of that hand icon, but the problem still exists. Now, even with the hand icon gone, when I try to backspace, the cursor will jump to a broader area than I need to delete … basically the same issue as ‘with’ the hand icon. In essence, I cannot ‘fine tune’.

So, I am STUCK and need some help.
Thanx, Tom

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I suspect that the lack of replies is because no-one can reproduce the issue. I can’t think of anything in Audacity that has a “little hand pointing one way or the other”. Are you perhaps using a Windows theme that has non-standard pointers?

How did you do that?

Steve, thanx for the response … the hand icon is explained in the manual (see below)
Extending or contracting an existing selection
Once you have a selected range you can move either edge of the selection so as to expand or contract the selected length, or you may want to expand the selection at one edge and contract it at the other so as to select a similar length in a slightly different place; Audacity offers multiple methods to facilitate this:

Hover the mouse pointer near the edge of a selection, when you hover close enough to the edge the mouse pointer changes to a hand with pointing finger (indicating you can now click and drag the selection). Then click and drag with the mouse to move that edge of the selection.
Selecting Audio 04.png
Classic theme: selection extended, mouse pointer displaying as a hand with pointing finger.
If you want to turn off that feature, open Preferences, choose Tracks then uncheck “Enable dragging of left and right selection edges”.

So I went to Preference, Tracks, etc and unchecked this feature. The hand icon is gone but the problem remains … when I click on a wave, it still won’t let me slide the cursor back over an item and delete. It still wants to slide back over at least several words ( a ‘range’ to use the term in the manual)
Color me perplexed, Tom

This one I assume:

(On Linux it’s an arrow rather than a hand)

I’d suggest that you change that back.

My guess is that you have accidentally enabled “Snap To” (near the bottom of the main Audacity window). Set it to “Off”.
Does that fix it?

Thank you … you MADE my day … it now works. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!

:smiley: You’re welcome.