Editing Videos into ASMR

Audacity version 2.1.0

Windows 10

I was joking with a friend about how guys doing ASMR isn’t weird. I said what if our favorite actor did it? Anyways I said I’d try to edit videos of him into ASMR as a joke but I don’t really know much about audio editing.

So how could I…

Get rid of any loud noises

Lower the volume of a voice

Make it sound like hes whispering

and how would I make it sound seamless?

You can’t. This is an unrealistic expectation of what can be done with audio editing.

A hoarse whisper effect is possible by vocoding with noise …

I used the free MDA TalkBox vocoder plugin in Audacity on Windows.

That’s creepy.

Special-effects are not necessary to make TheDonald sound creepy. :slight_smile:

Can you tell me how to do that?

You need to install the “MDA TalkBox vocoder plugin”, into Audacity.

Then add a track which just consists of pink noise, of constant volume, as long as the voice track.

Then combine (join) the noise track with the voice track to make a stereo-pair, with voice on left, noise on right.

Then apply MDA TalkBox vocoder effect to the stereo pair …

MDA Talkbox high resolution vocoder (hoarse-whisper effect).gif

Ok I made it but for some reason I can’t upload it where I want

I’ve tried converting it to mp3, mp4, wav, flac, ogg, avi but I still get “unsupported file” error

Nevermind. I got it working. Thank you!

Sound’s like you used Audcaity’s own built-in vocoder effect.
The TalkBox vocoder plugin I suggested does a far better job if the objective is to have sound with understandable speech.

Audacity does not come with the (free) TalkBox plugin,
you have to download the plugin from “smartelectronix” … http://mda.smartelectronix.com/
Then install that plugin into Audacity.
After you do that it appears on the Audacity effects-list as “mda talkbox” …

''mda TalkBox'' effect installed in Audacity.png