editing tools not working

I am on Mac 10.6.8 I am trying to edit an mp3 file following the directions in the manual (to delete all but 10 sec). I put the selection tool where I want to start, then drag to the place I want to end the file. The track starts playing as soon as I use the selection tool. You are supposed to be able to use the space bar to stop the music playing, but this just clears the selection I previously made. It is supposed to stop playing at the end of the selection but it does not. I am supposed to stop it from playing before I export it, but when I do that the selection goes away. I believe I’m following the directions but am not getting anywhere. Anyone have any ideas where I might be going wrong?

I think that you may be clicking a little too high.
You need to click and drag on the actual audio track, not on the “Time Line” ruler above the tracks.

Thank you that’s what I was doing wrong!