Editing stored names of artists, year, genre, etc.

Audacity 3.0.2
Windows 10

Hi all, I’m brand new to this but really enjoying Audacity. I’m sure I’ll have other questions and look forward to browsing the forum. Right now I’d like to know how to edit the info about the artists, year, etc. that I entered when I exported a file to my computer. I’ve looked through the manual but can’t quite find it.

Many thanks!

I use [u]MP3Tag[/u]. It works with most formats, not just MP3. Or there are other “metadata” or “tagging” applications. MP3Tag supports album artwork (audacity does not). And, you canselect a whole folder or several files at once to edit the common information all at once.

You can do it in Audacity but Audacity has to re-export the whole file. So if you have an MP3 (or other lossy format) you’re going through another generation of unnecessary lossy compression.

If you want to sort by the various fields your audio player software can do that.

Doug, thanks a million for your quick and knowledgeable reply. That software does the trick!