Editing playback

I went to edit a spoken piece I’d recorded earlier on my Mac - OS Catalina, 10.15.7. I want to listen to it through my external headphones, but it won’t playback and says there’s an error opening sound device. I made sure, in Audacity’s Preferences, that the external mic and headphones were checked, but it still won’t work. It works running through the Macbook Air speakers, which I don’t want. I can’t hear nuances clearly that way, I’ve restarted the program and the computer, but this keeps happening. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

What kind of headphones? Is it a headset—both headphones and microphone in one? Wireless?


If these headphones work with other programs, try Transport > Rescan audio devices.

Thank you! The ones I’m using for editing are the earphones with a built-in mic. Wired. The same thing happened after I moved my file from Vox, which you helped me with, Koz, as happened with the audio file I was working with before.

I’ve been editing this way for at least six months with no problems.

I tried Transport and clicked Rescan Audio Devices, but nothing happened, jademan.

Thank you both. I’ve got it working now, after playing around with as many controls as I could think of. Not entirely certain what worked!

Thank you!