Editing out other voices

Now that we can meet up and record in the same room, I have an issue with each recorder picking up - not only the actors voice but all the other actors that are working from other recorder/mics.

At the moment I would take each Sound File and use “Ctrl L” or “Cmd L” to blank out the other voices and leave the one actor’s voice on the file.

But this means going through each sound file and removing the other voices.

I know I could bring all the Sound Files together but you have to match the position perfectly or you get an echo from the other sound files.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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David = Oxfordshire, UK

So I’ve never tried this myself, but have you looked at Auto Duck ?

Now that we can meet up and record in the same room

Go back to Zoom?

Zoom has the ability to provide individual sound files of all the actors in the performance. If everyone is wearing headphones and sitting in a quiet room, you can do a remarkably good quality, multi-actor presentation.

If you put everybody in the same room, that room needs to be a studio with high quality directional microphones. Audacity has no good, clean, automatic ways to fix what you have.

Alternately, record each performer at home and use lower quality Zoom just to hear the other performers. Everybody wears headphones and records on a separate machine such as their phone.

Post back if you find a good way.