editing out or modifying voices

I have an audio file from a phone conversation. Because the recording was made on my end (from Call Recording phone app), my voice is very loud, and his is very low and soft, can barely hear it over mine. When I speak over him, I can’t hear him at all. What is the best way to modify so he can be heard, without turning up the volume on my obnoxious voice?

Thank you.

Beginner here.

(I have v. 2.12, and working from Windows Vista)


There is a plugin for Audacity called levelspeech designed to ameliorate this problem …


However it won’t fix any instances of you talking over the quieter speaker.


You said that a couple of times and I hope that is a typo for 2.1.2. If it isn’t a typo, you have a fake version of Audacity.