Editing out gaps with a flat waveform

Hello. I’m new here and haven’t been able to find an answer to this. I’m looking to edit out areas in a large audio track where there is a flat (no) waveform. When I have tried truncating, it doesn’t seem to cut out the flat/absent waveforms and leaves a slight gap there that can be heard and is annoying to me. Anyway to get rid of areas with no waveform AT ALL, vs. trying to truncate “silence.” Sometimes the truncating silence function gets rid of areas I don’t want it to get rid of. I"m only looking to automatically get rid of NO waveform areas that look like a flat line. Thank you.

Make sure the tracks are not sync locked then click & drag to highlight the section you want removed. Right-click in the highlighted area then select “Cut.” The track will be truncated. Another way to remove the section is to highlight the section, click on “Edit” in the upper toolbar, point to “Remove Special” and select an option from the context menu. If not satisfied, click on Undo and try another option in the context menu.

Try a lower threshold. Pure digital silence is -infinity dB but it looks like Truncate Silence won’t go lower than -80dB. That’s very quiet… It will look like a flat line and you can’t normally hear anything at -80dB unless you amplify it.

Turn down the truncate silence threshold from the default of -20db, (the minimum possible in Audcaity is -80dB) Truncate Silence - Audacity Manual

Thanks. I’ve tried that, and unfortunately it still leaves a slight gap that I hear. When I listen to live music, I don’t like the gap between tracks that occurs in almost all formats, so I have been manually removing the gaps between tracks and saving as one large file so I can hear a concert without the annoying gaps. But it’s tedious. I have it set to -80 db and .001 seconds as minimum silence to get rid of, but it still doesn’t do the trick!

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