Editing multiple tracks at once


I’m using Windows 7 Home edition and Audacity 2.0.2.

I want to be able to cut the same amount (time) of sound from two or more tracks within one project in the one action to ensure I delete the same amount of audio/time from all tracks but can’t seem to select and cut more than one track at a time. The reason I want to do this is, that as you can see in the image, the tracks I want to edit are the same input and length but have different outputs (one is a DI bass, the other two are mic’d up bass cabs - but these three tracks are all of the same part that was played (meaning that they were not played three times, just three different outputs of the same sound)).

When I try to select the two or three bass tracks and edit them, I’m unable to do so. Is there a way to select multiple tracks, highlight the end bit I want to chop off and delete those bits?

When creating this image, I clicked the track named Bass DI.01, held the shift key, then clicked the track named Bass Heil.0 so they were both highlighted (or selected) then tried to select the audio on one/both using the mouse and Selection Tool but could only select the audio I want to delete (on both tracks) on the one Bass Heli.0 track.

The area marked by the green arrow is what I was able to select but the area marked by the green and red arrows are what I want to select to then delete.

multi delete.jpg

Make your selection in one track and then
Edit > Select > In All Tracks

Another method; make your selection in the top-most track and then Shift + Down Arrow.
Or with the mouse. While selecting (holding mouse button down), drag the mouse pointer into the other tracks.


thanks, I’ll give that a go.


The “In All Tracks” option is not applicable for selecting only some of the tracks, but thanks for that tip.

The Shift-Down Arrow & mouse drag you suggested worked perfectly.

Thank you for the advice!

See also this topic for some other options: How do I split two synced tracks?

thank you very much.