Editing/ Cutting Clips - Not Working

Hello, when I place 2-3 different audio tracks into Audacity and then try to cut/split a clip/delete parts of one clip, it won’t let me. I use the “I” tool to click on the audio track I want, highlight the section and then when I click “delete” or “back space,” nothing deletes. I can’t “Control+I” or under Edit, the option to Split a Clip isn’t highlighted.

Has anyone had this problem before and know how to fix it? I converted my files from M4A (they were originally audio files taken using the iPhone’s “Voice Memos” option and then downloaded into iTunes) to WAV using Aimersoft DRM Media Converter.

I’m trying to put together my first podcast episode and add an intro to the piece ASAP, so any help would be SUPER appreciated!! Thank you!!

Make it simple to start.

Restart Audacity and open up one short clip. Drag-select a small portion in the middle and Edit > Delete. I’m not sure the difference between Destructive Backspace and the DEL key on Windows, but start here.

Did that work?

If it did, drag-select another small portion and make sure you know which delete key works.


If you are paused, press the yellow Stop button.


Thanks so much! Both of these answers helped!