Editing an MP3

Hey everyone I have a guestion. I used Audacity with ease back in May to create a 90 second posing song for a Bodybuilding show.For some reason the Sound guy could not play it back on his system, I am agin working on music for the 16th of Feb and wanted to know if there is something special I need to do to burn this to CD for the DJ at this show. I bought the MP3 from Amazon and all I need to do is cut the 90 seconds out and burn it, but I am looking for help as I want to do it right this this time

burn this to CD for the DJ

There isn’t one CD. There are different ways to burn a CD. If you want the maximum interchangability with music players, you want to burn an Audio CD. This is usually a setting in the burn dialog of your CD authoring program.

Another version, the Data CD causes all sorts of problems because, if it has sound files on it, it plays perfectly in the computer and then falls flat in the mud when your mum tries to play it in the car. Pure Music Players will not play a Data CD.

It got worse when some cars came out with players that will play MP3 music files on a Data CD. So you really have to pay attention in the burning step. And even that’s not the only problem. You can make a Music CD by burning at the wrong speed and it still won’t play in most music players. That’s just experience. We have a Music CD player at work that won’t play bad CDs. All our client disks have to play on that thing before they go out.