editing a zoom audio on Audacity

I tried converting a zoom audio to wav to import it to Audacity, but it keeps getting stuck in my VOX Player and I don’t know how to get it out of there so I can choose that file to import. When I try to import it from VOX, the application is grayed out and I can’t click it.

Not having good luck with Audacity today – this is the 2nd question I’ve submitted!

Thank you!

Sometimes commercial sound players “know” about copyright laws and won’t let you move files around.

Do you have your Mac set to show you filename extensions?


Finder > Preferences > Advanced.

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 11.43.13 AM.png
When you start having troubles with file management, that’s a terrific time to tell the Mac to stop hiding parts of the names. Those names could be helpful.

Does VOX have instructions or a forum? I’ve never met VOX.

If Audacity will not File > Open, you could try File > Import. Audacity will open up many different types of sound files and will even open the sound part of video files. If VOX won’t give you files, that’s between you and them.

Recording Zoom calls fails a lot. We recommend getting Zoom to record your shows rather than trying to record them yourself. Everybody in a Zoom podcast should be wearing headphones for best sound. Zoom Echo Management doesn’t have anything to do and so it stops making that bubbly honky sound.


Thanks so much, Koz! Lots of good options!

It worked to click on Open, then search for the file by name. That way I didn’t have to go through opening VOX and searching for it there.

This was a file of a meeting I’d recorded, so no permissions were needed.

All’s well again. Thank you!