Editing a Squadcast interview in Audacity 2.4.2

I’m attempting to edit my first Squadcast interview in Audacity 2.4.2. First, how do I edit my track and my guest’s track separately? Second, once each track is edited separately, can I mix the two tracks into one track? If so, how?


You can only edit the two voices independently if they are on separate tracks (i.e. One person on the left and the other on the right).

Caution. If you’re new at this, shoot a test or as many as needed to stamp out the errors and mistakes.
There’s just nothing like accidentally destroying an interview with the governor of your state.

can I mix the two tracks into one track?

Taking it back to front:

Audacity will mix top-to-bottom stacked tracks into one show when you Export either WAV or MP3. It warns you it’s going to do that.

Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 9.32.52 AM.png
It’s also possible to mix down on a dedicated timeline. Tracks > Mix > Mix and render to a new track.

You should know that the Audacity bouncing sound meter will always tell you the total show volume even if you have individual tracks scattered all over. You can steer the process with the MUTE and SOLO buttons on the left of each track.

how do I edit my track and my guest’s track separately?

I know zero about Squadcast other than it’s going to be a Skype and Zoom killer—and it has convenient monthly billing.

Step one. Get Squadcast to deliver individual sound tracks to you in WAV. You can’t edit MP3 without sound damage.

“This one is Jane’s voice and that one is John’s voice.” You can select each track one at a time and apply corrections. If you have a single mixed track, you’re stuck. Audacity can’t split a mixed track into individual voices.

Do you have a mixed track?

There is one other variation. If your voice is clear and the guest is a mess, then you did it wrong. Nobody can record both sides of a chat call. Squadcast’s claim is terrifically good sound quality (subject to the microphones on both ends).


Thanks for the replies!