Editing a recording... NEED HELP

I made a recording of a special singer at my Church using the software from the soundboard to the PC. The problem is the gain was up a tad too high so there is crackling on the play back in the vocals and in some of the keyboard. Is there anyway to fix this so I can make a usable disk for playback, or is this just a lost cause at this point. The sound quality is great up until the high notes. Please advise, I have several people asking for a disk of these songs and every other song has this issue.


BTW. The live recording sounded great, the record out setting was what was turned up too high. The crackling is only in the playback, not live.

This thread might help:

But I wouldn’t hold my breath. Clipping is impossible to fix completely, the best a computer could do is guess at what the original waveform looked like. If the clipping is very light you might get usable results.