EDITING a project to: eliminate silence between songs

Since I’ve downloaded “Audacity v. 2.1.0 Mac” I’ve been plagued with problems. Latest one, the tracks get a white tunnel down the middle of the track. This tunnel doesn’t affect the recording but it does affect being able to set the “Cursor” position with any accuracy when selecting a section of the track, specifically the silence between songs. I am only using Audacity to digitize my Vinyl LP records. Once or twice I got the “White tunnel” to go away by going to the “Screenshot Menu”. This no longer has an effect on the tunnel but it sure messes with my “Tool Bars”. I deselect the “EDIT toolbar” and the “TOOLS toolbar”. When I open the screenshot “Tools…” it immediately changes the Tool Bars destroying my preferred settings…
**My system runs:
Mac OS X - 10.10.3
Audacity - 2.1.0
Safari - 8.0.6
I mention “Safari” because when running Audacity and Safari at the same time it shuts down Safari to where it won’t load a different web site.

Duan Anderson

The “white tunnel” is because you have selected the multi tool. Change to the Selection tool instead.

See: Tool Toolbar in the manual.

This should not affect your ability to select with any accuracy you desire, but you may want to zoom in .

Use the View Menu to show and hide the various toolbars.

Help > Screenshot Tools is meant to help you make screenshots of Audacity, and as such does reset the Toolbars to a known state.

I have never heard of Audacity interfering with Safari.

– Bill

“Truncate silence” should be able to do that automagically … Audacity Manual.