edit wav file create date

Some how I got the date in my computer wrong and it was transferred to my Olympus voice recorder yesterday. When I transferred the files from yesterday to my computer I noticed the transfer date was correct but the creation date was wrong. I was told that Audacity could edit these properties on the WAV files from the voice recorder. How do I do it? I called the file up in Audacity but couldn’t find the proper command. I am using WIN7 but also have WINXP available. I don’t use these files for anything legal wise. Just like to keep stuff in order in case I need to go back to get inf from old messages.

You were misinformed.

With a third-party utility. Try http://www.online-tech-tips.com/computer-tips/how-to-change-the-last-modified-date-creation-date-and-last-accessed-date-for-files-and-folders/.