Hi guys do you know any way so i can change the metadata tags in my wav files?i want to change the properties also.they are locked and that seems so strange to me.
i can change wma properties but now i have a problem changing values to my wav files.they are not even highlighted so i can make any change at all.i want also to add artwork
i tryied so many things but nothing happens.
can you give me directions please?thanks
btw i have win 7 64 bit

The original WAV format does not support metadata.
Recent variants of WAV have limited support for metadata, but there are relatively few programs that support this.
Audacity does not support artwork.

Due to the vast range and variations of metadata from one application to another, it is often best to use the application that you will use for playing the file to edit the data. For example, if you play in iTunes, use iTunes to edit the data. This way, you end up with metadata that is supported by the player.