Edit like audition?

So, I’ve been working in Audacity for quite a while now. However, I haven’t done a ton of multitrack work. I then did a little bit of work with Adobe Audition, and I really enjoyed multitrack editing, and especially lining up clips, as audition takes the audio files and splits them into clips. The clips can then be dragged around in time, much like in a non-linear video editor. Here’s my question: I have to work on a project that involves putting sound effects into an audio file at the right times. I know I can do this by copying the clip I need and pasting it where I want it, but is there any better way to do this? I just find this method to be a bit of a pain, and prefer the method in audition- However, I’m not so much a fan of the cost of audition. Any ideas?

Every time you import audio, it forms a new track. Use the Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows) to push the clip around to where you need it. You can use all the volume tools and/or the envelope tool to integrate the effect. Audacity mixes down to one single track when you export.

You can create a new track cold at any time for special use by Tracks > Add New.


Oh perfect, thanks. I have no idea how I missed that haha, but that’s exactly what I needed!