Echoing when recording my voice while playing music through headphones on youtube

I record song covers and the way I normally do it is I will have my computer microphone as the recording device and windows direct sound as the host, and I will have my headphones plugged into my computer so I can play the song through youtube and record my voice. However, since the recent update, when I do this exact process, my voice recordings echo and I can faintly hear the song playing in the recordings, as well as my voice cutting out sometimes. It only happens when playing songs on youtube, I made a recording where I sung half the line with the video playing and it echoed, but in the middle of the recording I stopped the video and the rest of the recording sounded perfect. This is driving me crazy and I would really appreciate some help, idk if it’s because of the new update or what, btw I am using windows 10

Which version are you using now? I keep all my old installers. Do you have the installer for your Audacity before this one?



Let’s see. On Windows I think it’s Edit > Preferences > Recording. You should not have Playthrough selected.


Thank you for responding, I changed 3.2 to 3.1.3, the version I had previously. I tried recording and my voice isn’t cutting out anymore but it still echos quite a bit. I also don’t have playthrough on.

I don’t know if this will help, but it is something to try. Run mmsys.cpl from the magnifying glass on the Windows taskbar. In the recording tab, select your microphone, then Properties. Then under Enhancements, select “Disable All Sound Effects”. Also, if you have ever run Zoom (or similar) on this computer, reboot it.

Thank you so much!! My voice isn’t echoing or cutting out, I really appreciate this!