I am using voice meeter banana and I’m getting alot of echo. I have tried everything I can find to fix it and nothing has worked. Please help me. I am doing an audio book and I don’t to have a bad sound quality.

Why are you using Voicemeeter Banana? Clean voice recording is usually done in a quiet, echo-free room with a well-behaved computer and a nice microphone—or stand-alone sound recorder.

When you re-post, use a lot of words. We need to build your studio in our heads to sort what you’re doing.

“I’m recording in my kitchen with a Silver Yeti-Pro plugged into my IBM ThinkPad.”

Describe why you need Banana. That’s usually for special effects. If you’re following recommendations, post the link.


Audacity has tools and services for audiobook production, but you have to come up with a good, clean recording first.

You can announce a short test and post it on the forum. We can see if we recognize the damage and suggest solutions.

Read down the blue links. They’re very short.


Attached is a clip of the audio

New forum postings have to wait for a forum elf to OK them. They don’t just automatically appear. We get too many bad posts to just let them all in.

Your sample is too metallic and precise to be room echo, so the computer is probably doing something wrong. This kind of damage is right down Voicemeeter’s alley. Reassigning and shuffling sound pathways.

So tell me again why you turned a dead simple recording job into a Voicemeeter management task?


I have tried everything I can find to fix it

In case I misunderstood the question, we can’t fix sound echoes in software no matter where they came from. It’s one of the four guaranteed ways to kill your show.

You have to record your voice clear and clean for all the rest of the tools to work.


Thank you so much for the clarity!!! I Just deleted voicemeeter. I’m very new to this and I was just trying to find something that would help to improve my voice quality and also help with deleting breaths to save time. I looked at some videos on youtube and thought I was doing the right thing. I am self taught and always looking for a way to improve. Somedays my recording sound better that other days and on yesterday it sounded horrible for some reason. I was trying to find a way to fix it.
I am in the process of re-recording. I hate that I recorded 3 hours of audio that sound like that. I will know better next time. Thanks for the help!!!

I hate that I recorded 3 hours of audio that sound like that.

It’s a new-user mistake to record hours and hours of work and only then stop to analyze how it’s going. You can record short pieces like that forum test and see how it sounds before you go all in.

Describe your studio and microphone. Some microphone systems have known errors and we may be able to help.

You can always post one of those tests on the forum for analysis. You should get basic recording down before you start to worry about breath and mouth noises—although you eventually have to worry about everything.

We have posters who successfully recorded audiobooks in professional studios and decide for the next book they were going to record it at home. How hard could it be?