Echo when listening to the recording in Audacity.

So today when I went to edit some audio I started to listen and there was a noticeable echo but once I exported the audio as a MP3 the echo was gone. Not sure why this happens but if you have any ideas or solutions let me know.


How did you listen to the MP3? We assume it doesn’t make any difference if you Export WAV?

Is it possible it only works if you don’t play the work in your computer?

If you like to record internet content, you can have your sound pathways folded back on themselves. What is your playback device—what does it say in the little speaker symbol window?

What are the Audacity version numbers? I’m using 2.1.2.


I use VLC media player and WAV sounds the same as MP3, no echo.

Not sure what you mean by “don’t play the work in your computer”.

I do not record internet content with Audacity only external microphones. Also playback device is Speakers(Realtek High definition…) This is just some sony headphones plugged into the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Also I am on version 2.1.2

Not sure what you mean by “don’t play the work in your computer”.

Sometimes, the computer playback system adds special effects of its own and the only way to tell what you really have is play the work on your iPod. But that’s not your problem because VLC seems to work.

How long is the show? I had Audacity do this echo thing once. It was a half-hour show and Audacity slowly created two copies of the performance, one slightly later than the other, and it got worse over about the first half of the show and then started to get better, but I ended the performance.

Does your echo change over time?


If the problem is hearing the echo while you are recording, turn off Transport > Software Playthrough in the Audacity menus.