echo suddenly manifests on completed audio playback...

I am now desperate…I lost the entire book I read using audacity, when it crashed…and re did it, was finishing it back in October when on play back and hour and 8 mins in, it starts with an echo…and continues to the end which is hours! I can’t believe I have to do it again! I have looked for tutorials, done the noise reduction/noisegate/ nothing happened…still the same…there must be something I can do to recover the sound…??? I’m not big on the tech side…so any support, please realise that this bear of little brain needs the idiots guide to recovering the audio…

I am now aware that I did anything to create this echo on the rest of the reading…it seems as if it suddenly manifested itself, when I was doing another playback…no idea…any ideas anyone??? Please? Thanks for any help…the usual echo orientated suggestions as mentioned above, dont seem to apply to this issue… Thanks in advance…desperate now!!


.I lost the entire book I read using audacity, when it crashed

Lets zoom out a minute. Are you planning on submitting to ACX for publication? You don’t have to do that, but they’re the major publisher and they’re the ones with the published production standards.

One of their standards is to submit a pile of sound files, one chapter per file. They’re firm about that. I wonder how you got your whole book into Audacity at once to have a crash take out everything. Can you explain a little about that? I once destroyed a whole computer by accident. Is that what you did?

Is your reading in stereo, two blue waves, or mono, one blue wave?

I am now aware that I did anything

Is that supposed to read “I am not aware…”

We’re hanging on your every word, so they have to be perfect.


I dont know what ACX is, my plan is to publish it on Kindle etc…along with the written version!!

And the incident about the lost audio of my book was a major aggravation!! Now, I really need to get my re done audio playing without an echo, which I didnt add …and its two recorded tracks…so I really hope its stereo…Im not skilled or well versed with audacity, and as for how I did the hours work on audacity, I simply kept on going over a period of time…about a week or two…I next need to find a way within audacity to equalise the whole thing…Any pointers would be SO very helpful to this newbee…?? Please anyone…

Hi - typo - now - should read I was NOT aware of anything I did to cause an echo to suddenly manifest on my work…audio

Ill check out ACX thanks.

Hi Koz

I thought I had submitted a reply but its not showing here…so made some reply - the audio shows over two tracks, so hope its stereo!

  1. re getting my audio on audacity, I kept on recording over a period of time…

  2. typo - should read NOT added echo to the audio consciously!!

  3. Echo, not to do with room sounds etc…not heard this before, no idea why it should suddenly appear on my audio.

  4. Can you point me in the right direction to get the audio equalised…

I’ve done my best in limited conditions to create a good vocal, but inevitably, recording at different times, there are slight changes and I need to get it all evened out…just now sure how best to do that?? Any ideas Please?

I looked up ACX - looks like it is Audible - see what you mean, strict criteria, and my book is much longer than 120 mins…more like 6 hours all told…as its the entire book, not abridged.

Thanks in advance, before I have to start over again??

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OK, thanks, wasnt sure how long responses would take as Im new here…I’ve also tried the tutorials etc, and nothing has made an impact so far on my issue…I look forward to any suggestions to my previous postings…

Thanks in advance, all appreciated.

wasnt sure how long responses would take as Im new here

This is a forum with unpaid volunteers, not a help desk, so it’s whenever we can get to it. This forum, as a rule, has very snappy response times. Some forums go weeks…

nothing has made an impact so far on my issue

That’s because nobody has seen an issue like yours before. When that happens, we have to find out as much about you as possible and try to imagine what could cause that problem.

my book is much longer than 120 mins

The specification is no longer than 120 minutes per chapter.

On a quick trip through Amazon, Kindle only publishes the printed version. For the audiobook sound version, they send you to Audible/ACX. Do you know anything different?

We can talk you through publishing your voice through ACX. We have mastering tools and processes and have a pretty good idea of what they like and what they don’t.


You should probably not start any more work until you settle this. If you’re reading to the wrong format accidentally, you may have to do some of it over again anyway.

There is an up side to this. Your first reading is the one were you make all the mistakes. The second reading or second pass is almost always much smoother and professional.


Hello, thanks for the reply.

I am appreciative of any insights about the issue to hand, and I too have been a volunteer at times, and know it can stretch you, I am not unaware, but being new here, did not know how things worked, thanks for enlightening me.

I dont know what people know or dont regarding my issue either, and I hear that it is an unknown, ok, well that is interesting I guess, and I would love to get to the bottom of it.

Thanks for your insights into the audio perameters of length of audio…it being my first foray into such, I had not realised that a whole book was not allowed as audio…that makes me pause for the next audio project, another book I’ve written and also published, that I want to create an audio of…I guess I might just have to create it as indicated - a chapter at time, and follow through with the complete story bit by bit…I’ve listened to plenty of audio stories that are longer than 120 mins, the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings, and others…

And, I do agree, the second reading was better…so hey an upside…not sure I’ll feel the same for a 3rd though…anyway, what will be will be…and I will have to do what is necessary to create the audio - I am not skilled with understanding those myriad parameters that audible require. I appreciate that you need to produce the best…I come from an acting background, and feel ok about the delivery of my work, just my technical limitations are an obstruction so far…

I see that audacity has capability to level out or whatever the tech term is to smooth out the audio, that is my next task, if I can get over this current problem.

Thanks for any insights

ps, just re read your comment about the length audio, and that it is 120 mins per chapter… not the whole book, phew,.Im in the clear then! Yay.
Almost onwards?

echo suddenly manifests

Drag-select about ten seconds of a normal presentation. File > Export > Export Selected Audio… > WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit PCM.

Call it the normal voice. Do Not use punctuation marks in the filename > Save.

On a forum text window, scroll down. Click Attachments > Add Files.

Now do the same thing with one of your echoey files.

Post back if you get lost anywhere.

Without being too much of a Debby Downer, you are replacing a recording engineer. Several posters recorded successful books with a studio and arrived here on the forum when home recording turned out to be more involved than they thought. This is made much worse by the microphone makers who insist you can read books on the kitchen table with their microphone.

No. Probably not.