Echo On Playback Of Recordings

Hi all:
I know this topic has been addressed before but I am at my wit’s end and can’t find a solution. I am using Audacity 2.13 on a fairly new HP desktop with Windows 10 browser (I don’t know if it was the zip or exe — I downloaded the newest version from the web and it went really fast). My problem is echo on all playbacks of my recordings. In our studio (Sun Sounds of Arizona) I use the same settings and programs. Those recordings play back on my home machine in perfect order. When playing recordings that were done on my home machine in either aup or mp3, they play back with large echo and muffled words which are almost unrecognizable. I’ve read your past notes on this subject and find it hard to believe that the mic is causing multiple playbacks resulting in pervasive echo throughout (even though I’m in a small room full of books with the HVAC turned off. No exterior sound at all. I’ve tried every Audacity setting and effect and cannot find a solution. I’m hoping you have a magic button which will put an end to my echo world. Best wishes to all, especially those who come up with a magic button. Lloyd

Make sure you’ve selected your microphone as the [u]Recording Device[/u]. If you select WASAPI loopback or other output from your soundcard you can create a feedback-loop, and with the latency through your computer that can create an echo.

Another possibility is Windows [u]“enhancements”[/u] that can screw-up the sound, but as far as I know that shouldn’t add echo or reverb.

There can be playback enhancements, which add a 3D pseudo-surround-sound effect, (like reverb).
Again, as with the recording enhancements, can be switched off …