Echo from the Headphone

I am recording my podcast. After a while I hear a echo in a chunk of audio. I don’t know why, but since I attach my headphone to the yeti jack in order to hear myself speaking during recording, it is possible that the audio I hear can waste the audio of my episode?
It’s the first time I found something like this in a episode, maybe is not related, but if this could be hear by people maybe I need to rerecord my episodes without my headphone attached.

Listening to the Yeti with headphones is recommended for best quality voice.

Is the echo in your show when you play back the finished performance?

You can play an existing music track to your headphones while you perform. That’s overdubbing. Audacity defaults to overdubbing turned on. You can turn it off.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording > [_] Overdub (de-select).

You can also get odd sounds in your headphones if you have the Yeti set for playback in addition to just recording.

Do you use Skype, Zoom, Meetings or other chat application? Those can cause problems like this. Make sure none of those applications are running or even napping in the background. When you want to record your show, Shift+Shutdown the machine, wait, and don’t let anything start when you start Windows.

Let us know if it’s still doing it.


I recorded a little chunk to put in the middle of the main track and I hear some sort of echo, not super strong.
Generally I hear myself from the mic, but also when I listen to parts I recorded I use the Headphone attached to my Yeti.
The point is it happens only for this little chunk, the audio seems good to me in the other parts, but I started thinking that the problem could be the headphone and maybe also in the good part an expert ear can notice the bad quality. So I dunno if I should recorded everything again or not.

The point is, for what you said, seems impossible that the audio in my Headphone could interfire with the recording, because otherwise I stop to hear myself during recording.