I’ve just installed the current version on 64 bit Windows 7. I’m recording cassettes from a stereo cassette deck running the signal from the deck’s RCA line-out into the pc’s microphone line-in jack. The recordings are turning out fine but during the entire process there is delay or an echo of the audio throughout. What gives?

This specific problem is probably traced back to Windows Enhanced Services.

It’s there to help with conferencing and it’s default on the microphone services. It can drive music nuts.

However, You are recording a stereo show on what is almost certainly a mono Mic-In. So you’re only recording “Left” and not “Right”. Some computers can deal with this, but they’re not normal. Mic-In is also very sensitive and prone to distortion and overloading. If you’re happy with the results, then go with it, but if you have harsh, gritty sound, then you might consider adding a stereo audio digitizer like the UCA-202 or something in that family.


It’s also possible you’re recording from the wrong “device.” If you like recording internet audio, you’ll be recording from a “fake” digital device like Stereo-Mix, or What-U-Hear. You need to change that to a real device in the Device Toolbar or Audacity Preferences to Mic-In or whatever you’re actually recording from. The internet services may easily give you echoes or feedback.