Echo effect specifics

I am working on a small project that requires editing from CLI with Audacity effects. I understand that Audacity cannot, so I went to SoX. However, I found some extra parameters in that echo effect. Is it the same effect, and if so, what are the gain-in and gain-out parameters set to by default? Finally, is there anything in the echo effect that involves analyzing the source audio? Audacity version is 2.1.2, and the project will be taking place on Raspbian Lite.

Which effect are you asking about? We don’t provide technical support for SoX - that is SoX’s responsibility.

If does not answer your question then here is the SoX users list:


I understand that you guys don’t provide support for SoX, however I was just asking if you used the same effect as SoX. If you did, what would the gain-in and gain-out be set to?

The echo effect in Audacity is not the same as the echo effect in SoX.
Audacity’s echo effect is documented here:
SoX’s echo effect is documented here:

Thank you. This was exactly the answer I was looking for.