Echo/beep recurring issue


I’m on Windows 10, using Audacity 2.3.2

I am completely lost when it comes to anything to do with audio, so I am slowly wading my way through this. One issue I’m having right now is identifying what this recurring noise is… if I had the vocabulary to at least describe what this is, then I would try looking it up to find a solution, but any words I’ve used to describe it haven’t led me to results that can help. It’s some sort of digital noise that trails some words, or sometimes shows up in the middle. It shows up several times in this one short clip… other times, it’ll barely happen at all, and I’m not sure what’s different about my conditions that could be causing it. Any help in labeling what this is would be greatly appreciated.

Any help in labeling what this is would be greatly appreciated.

A quiet, high-pitch “tee tee tee tee?” It took me a while to find it. On first pass it just sounded like you reading a story. It’s been described as “beeping.” Again, at first pass, I couldn’t make out what the problem was, but it’s turned up a bunch of times now.

Describe everything. Which microphone down to the version (The popular Yeti microphone is up to five versions), how long is the connecting cable? If there’s an interface, what is it. (I like my Behringer UM2).

Is the connection USB-C or USB-3? Tell us the make and model of the computer and we can find it.

I know this is going to be a pain in the neck, but what’s the chance of getting a much longer sound file in WAV (not MP3) with a couple of seconds of voice and the rest beeping? I’m interested in the duration between beeps. It should be rhythmic—not random.

If you post to the forum in mono (one blue wave) you can go out to twenty seconds before it cuts you off. Digging the beeps out of your dialog is a career move.

Stop me if I hit something you don’t understand.


This is a tool we developed for a slightly different problem. There are just enough similarities that it appears to work. It’s a custom plugin called Mosquito Killer — because the original problem sounded like frying mosquitoes. Engineers are not particularly right-brain creative.

Mosquito-Killer4.ny (363 Bytes)
Have you ever installed a plugin? You’re on Audacity 2.3.2 and Windows, so this may be an adventure.

Is that better?


Side note. I applied Audiobook Mastering and your clip easily passes ACX Conformance.

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 8.55.10 AM.png
This is after removing the mosquitoes, AudioBook Mastered, and I removed some of the harsh SS sounds with the DeSibilator.


I still wouldn’t mind that long test with the beeps in it, and any other observations you may have. I understand how much fun “sometimes problems” are.

Remember, this isn’t a help desk. It’s a forum with users helping each other.


… well, this is just about as embarrassing as it gets. I attached the wrong audio sample. That was actually from something that I found while trying to find my own problem but when I listened to it, it wasn’t anything like the issue I’m having. Ugh, I apologize for the time you spent on this thorough answer based off of me providing the wrong info. If you’re curious at all, I’ll attach the correct sample below, but I’m going to go ahead and try out the plugin to see if that helps before I go bugging anyone for help again.

I appreciate the fact that this isn’t a helpdesk, and as far as this being a place where people help each other… well, I don’t have anything I can contribute in this department, so… is there another resource you would recommend as I muddle my way through this and try to work my way towards usefulness?

That’s OK. You don’t have to be a computer genius to help. As I said up the message, if you have a symptom or problem we’ve never heard before, we may ask you to provide information or samples.

Some posters say “Oh, thank goodness this is resolved!” and we never hear from them again.

I have to change computers to listen.

Do you happen to know who supplied the first sample? We can make their lives a lot easier.


It’s a family-friendly forum so we need something without the potty-mouth dialog.

And a lot longer. As I said up the forum, if you post a single blue track in WAV format, you can go out to 20 seconds. Try to stay away from MP3. MP3 creates sound distortion and it’s sometimes hard to tell where the distortion is coming from. You or the MP3.

Use this format.


The first sample was from this thread… but it looks like you responded to it already around 4 years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

it looks like you responded to it already around 4 years ago

So we’re done, then.


Hmm. Okay, well this was an uncomfortable experience, so I guess I will just remove myself from this space. Literally all I asked for was help with the vocabulary I could use to describe this noise. I wanted to not make any big asks or have anyone fix this for me, I wanted to be able to do research myself because I assumed that issues like this already exist and have most likely been answered already; I just don’t have the words to describe it beyond digital-sounding-echo-beep. I simply thought there might be more specific terminology.

Literally all I asked for was help with the vocabulary I could use to describe this noise.

We haven’t heard the noise yet. Your first sample wasn’t you and the second sample had to be removed for naughty words.