Echo after using Audacity

I am using Windows 10. I recently successfully used Audacity to digitise a recorded tape. However since then, I have an ECHO on my speakers, especially annoying when using SKYPE but does not seem to be present if I play stored music. I have tried altering the sound settings on the computer, without success.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Does the echo still happen when Audacity is closed?
Which version of Audacity? (look in “Help > About Audacity”)

Same question. When exactly does the echo occur, apart from using Skype which is nothing to do with Audacity?

You may want to look on the Recording tab of Windows Sound, right click over the headset or whatever recording device you are using, Properties, “Listen” tab, then ensure “Listen to this device” is not enabled.

Note you should not record Skype with Audacity, if that is what you are doing. Use these apps instead:


Thank you Gale

Following your suggestion to go via Windows sound seems to have worked.