EBU Broadcast Wave Format (BWF)


Wish that audacity can import/edit/export WAV file in the EBU Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) standards and ALL it’s ability to record metadata.

one can now read and import WAV signal but no metadata, neither edit them.
(can be a really helpfull hand on importing markups from ZOOM recorders)


Audacity can import BWF files.

Audacity supports RF64, which is a BWF-compatible multichannel audio file format enabling file sizes to exceed 4 GB. Why not use RF64 instead?
Another option might be FLAC format.

So my purpose doesn’t seem clear.

Audacity do not work properly with METADATA that BWF file include. Nor it can edit them.

Yes it can import the WAV signal but no data.

They are several editor or viewer that can display more like :
MP3Tag https://www.mp3tag.de/en/index.html
Wave agent https://www.sounddevices.com/product/wave-agent/

The audacity “edit metadata tags” tools isn’t BWF compliant.

They are so few SAE that are full compliant, I don’t even know one. each developper only add the BWF part of code required for is need, never the full one. (it’s a 2003 strandard !)

As I wrote, ZOOM is using this BWF format (other recorders do it also). While recording you can add “mark” in the file. These are BWF markups.

Should be read as metadata, even better as “labels” by audacity.

Thanks for the clarification Cancoillote. I’ve logged your support for this feature on the Audacity wiki.

for instance here is some BWF info hard to get, that Wave Agent can display.
Capture d'écran 2019-10-11 09.11.27.png
Date and Start TC (date and time that recording start)